Transmission Shop Eagle Transmission offer advice on how to avoid ruining your transmission. Eagle Transmission has been providing customers with superior automotive and transmission services for over thirty years now. They offer a wide variety of services, including transmission repairs, auto repairs, fleet services, and other specialized services for foreign and domestic vehicles.

Services at Eagle Transmission

Eagle Transmission offers Transmission Repair, such as DSG transmission and box truck costs, starting at $485 and up. However, a bonus deal of – $200 Off Major Repairs.

Eagle Transmission Dallas describes how some transmission repair work is simple and mechanical. Yet, if there are serious underlying issues with the transmission, this can involve a lot of mechanical and electronic engineering to get your car back on the road.

The Transmission Shop Dallas may be located in Mesquite, but Eagle Transmission services all surrounding cities, including Dallas, TX. As well as auto repairs and fleet services they also provide Transmission Rebuild, Differential Repair, Clutch Repair, Axle Repair and much more.

How to Avoid Ruining Your Transmission

Eagle Transmission is the best transmission shop in Dallas. They don’t just offer excellent services, but they also provide recommendations and tips and advice on how to care for your vehicle, look out for signs and symptoms if something is wrong, and, most importantly, how to avoid running your transmission.

The transmission shop considers four significant points to keep in mind when it comes to your vehicle, and the first is to avoid towing heavy loads as some cars are unable to take the weight for towing. So, avoid heavy towing if your vehicle cannot handle it as it can cause the transmission to overheat if too much strain is put on the vehicle.

Never drive rough, according to the experts at Eagle Transmission. This is one of the most common reasons for damaged transmissions since people shift gears at high RPMs or accelerate too hard, resulting in a severely damaged transmission. A straightforward piece of advice from Eagle Transmission is a drive with moderate acceleration.

Also, one helpful tip is that you must avoid shifting gears while your vehicle is still moving. The experts explain that it can cause your gearbox to explode if you regularly shift from reverse to drive or drive to reverse, and with this explosion, it can lead to damage to your transmission.

One final piece of advice from Eagle Transmission is to have your vehicle regularly undergo car maintenance to check for any damaged engines and transmissions.

While also keeping up with transmission fluid and oil changes and your coolant, try not to allow it to get too low.

The Transmission shop offers a wide range of services, so never ignore a small problem lingering in your car as this can lead to more severe problems.

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