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Tripshot Adds On Demand and Microtransit to Support End-to-end Commuter Transit

Transportation software company, Tripshot, launched On Demand and Microtransit services to help commuters move effortlessly from one place to another in the most stress-free and time-efficient manner possible. The company…

February 7, 2019
About Tripshot Inc.

Tripshot is a real time commuter management system designed to optimize commuter transportation

Our Mission: Optimize The Commute.

After observing the challenges employers face getting their employees to and from work in crowded metro areas, we asked ourselves:

How we can help solve this global problem?

With our strong background in software product development, large-scale SAAS deployments, and selling and supporting large enterprises, we set upon our present course to solve this problem.

In 2014, Tripshot was born.

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