Career Analysts is a firm of professional career guidance counsellors helping people to decide on the best career for them. This may be for a teenager making A level or degree choices London with a view to choosing the right career in the longer term; or those in their twenties who have completed their education and are still unsure what to do; or those who have started along one career path but have realised it wasn’t really what they expected; or those who have followed one career for some time – perhaps being successful in it – but who’s values have changed and who now want to change career and move in another direction. Whatever the background circumstances, Career Analysts help you make the right career choice.

As a firm of Occupational Psychologists, Career Analysts has a tried and tested methodology to help make these important career decisions. Each of their consultants has a minimum of 2 degrees. In one of them they learn about what careers are out there and what the requirements are for those careers. In the other one they learn how to interpret the results of the career tests (psychometric questionnaires) they conduct.

So, the theory is that, on the one hand they know about all the careers there are. If they can then find out about their client; what are they interested in? what are they good at? What would suit their personality? What is in line with their values and beliefs? What is practical for them? – then they can match them up with the best career for them – either for their initial career choices London or a career change later in life.

The career tests themselves are in real depth – they take about 5 hours to complete in total, although they don’t all need to be done in one session. Once completed, they are studied by the career guidance counsellor, who will use the results to research a number of possible career options.

Then for the important part – the meeting between the client and the Occupational Psychologist where they discuss a range of possible career choices, looking at the pro’s and cons of each career choice, before narrowing down those options and helping the client to choose the ideal career for them, given their present practical circumstances.

Of course, the meeting is followed up by a written report – not computer-generated but written by the career guidance counsellor – which spells out the results, what the meaning is for their client and what their recommendations are. Many people keep this report for a lifetime.

Using this scientific approach takes all the guesswork out of your career choice. The career tests painstakingly look at specific areas which are important when choosing the right career and then quantifies the results in graph format, showing exactly which career choices would be the best for you. It’s a real eye opener. It’s an opportunity not just to change your career but to change your life!

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