Earlier today, Canadian medical sheepskin manufacturer, Australian Sheepskin Apparel ( ASA ) announced the release of their highest quality medical sheepskin boots – It’s new short and long sheepskin boot is now paired with medium density walking soles. This has been in development for many years. The aim is to offer significant pressure reduction for walking and not just bed wear. The boots not only improve blood flow and provide prevention of pressure ulcers, shearing, diabetic and heart related foot and leg ulcers, but it does so with a difference!

Stephen Playford, owner of Australian Sheepskin Apparel, says: “We wanted to show something new with our medical sheepskin boots that the wool fiber is in contact with all skin tissue at the same time. Anyone familiar with the medical footwear products market will probably have noticed, everyone else seems to offer a closed cell foam or hard plastic boot for offloading, or smothering bandages that actually prevent healing and protection of wounds and the skin. This is a problem because blood flow is not able to get to the wound base and create healing. In turn as moisture increases under synthetics it drowns the cells at the base of the wound. This stops the flow of red blood cells that carry the oxygen to those cells, and wounds get worse. Synthetics do not offer sustained pressure reduction, moisture absorption, reduction of shearing, or maintenance of limb and wound temperature at 37°c. Increasing blood flow for better circulation is a basic requirement to heal any type of wound.”

As a welcome breath of fresh air, Australian Sheepskin Apparel’s medical sheepskin boots and assorted footwear products are made of all natural, certified medical grade Australian merino sheepskin. This product is offered with an optional medium density sole for ambulatory individuals. ASA chose to make this move because majority of current products in the medical industry are completely made of petroleum based products that create and trap moisture, promote shearing, offer limited protection and do not promote a healthy healing environment. The Australian government developed the medical grade sheepskin for the operating theater to stop people developing needless bed sores from surgery, costing the health system millions. The comfort factor above all else is incredible.

Stephen Playford also said “We want to give our customers an all natural product that helps promote the prevention and or the treatment of pressure ulcers, shearing, diabetic, heart related wounds and more, due to increasing blood flow in an already compromised situation. Australian medical sheepskin provides an environment the physiology of the human body requires for healthy living.”

ASA has been in business for over 22 years, established in 1996 in Canada. Since that time they have helped so many with arthritis to amputation. These people had nowhere else to turn. Wound care solutions are sometimes influenced by big companies that don’t have the patient’s best interests in mind. Healing wounds no longer generates revenue.

ASA challenges the Canadian medical system and others that the current standard for wound healing do not follow the physiological requirements of the body that need to be met. The basics of ASA’s medical sheepskin boots, mules and slippers is to help reverse the complications caused by diabetes and other circulatory problems and keep the tissue healthy.

Visit Australian Sheepskin Apparel’s YouTube channel to see a case study for dealing with diabetic heel wounds over six years. Read more about using medical sheepskin for the treatment of pressure ulcers here: http://www.digitaljournal.com/pr/3976560.


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